To All,

For some reason this has been a year that has hit home for some of us more than usual.  There have been several friends and family members that have been impacted by cancer over the past twelve months.  It is a stark reminder of how cancer does not discriminate & is a reality for too many of us.

Cancer entering our lives or those we love & admire is challenging.  I know I go through the cycle of anger, disbelief, frustration and fear of the unknown.  At the same time, it is a powerful motivator for me to continue what we have been committed to doing the past twenty-four years – FIGHTING BACK!

I am 100% convinced that the science and medical world is making strides.  More people are surviving their initial diagnosis and living with cancer & some becoming cancer-free.  Detection is happening earlier and with more accuracy.  There are more options for treatments and medications in most cases.

Your participation in this event places you directly in the ring – you are in the fight with the rest of us with the common goal of knocking out cancer completely.  You are the spark that is lighting the fire with ground breaking research and patient care that is being delivered via our beneficiaries & shared with the world.  Our long term relationship with The Penn State Cancer Institute and the The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center has allowed us to see progress over the past twenty-four years – literally providing HOPE!

I thank you for stepping up to the challenge & converting your fear and anger into action which is making a difference in the battle against cancer!