BK Invitational Golf Tournament 2020 Wrap Up

It was another memorable year for the 21st Annual BK Invitational! With all the craziness of the world around us, the tournament seemed to have a higher purpose providing an escape from reality for a few hours in addition to creating hope for others fighting cancer.

I truly did not know what to expect this year given the pandemic’s impact on our lives and livelihoods. Our spirits were not dampened, that is for sure! Based on the costumes, distances traveled and the overall positive energy throughout the event, it was a success.

I was humbled by the outpouring of support both financially and by the number of golfers – THANK YOU! We continue to support the Penn State Cancer Institute and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Both institutions continue to lead the charge in the fight against cancer.

In addition this year, we have begun discussions with our friends at For Pete’s Sake in creating a respite community for late stage adult cancer patients and their families. This facility would provide an opportunity to better meet the needs of more patients and improve their outcomes & experiences. Very exciting – more to come!

My mom appreciates all of your well wishes and support. She told me repetitively that she only wishes she could have seen more of you both days. She is an amazing individual who is so gracious and also is a pretty tough lady! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to fight her own personal battle with cancer (again).

I hope you can all take a moment and be thankful of what we have and continue to accomplish. Together, we have raised $1.5 million which has helped fund the battle against cancer with real results. There is more work to be done! I will continue to ask you to join me in this fight until we wipe out cancer.

Thank you for all of your support – stay well – See you next year for BK22!




5th Flight: Jason Hoffman, Brian Lamatina, Guest Hoffman, Guest Hoffman-70

4th Flight: Steve Fleming, Guest Fleming, Guest Fleming-67

3rd Flight: Jon Gordon, Anthony Cucchi, Geoff Cochrane, Evan Williams-64*

2nd Flight: David Vogel, Christine Vogel, Cassandra Vogel Larry Schaefer-63*       

1st Flight: Kaitlyn Vogel, Nicholas Cavanaugh, Andi Leach, Gavin Howe-59

Closest to the Pin Hole # 4 (Ladies)   Kaitlyn Vogel   34’ 

Closest to the Pin Hole # 8          George Anderson     13’ 23”                                   

Closest to the Pin Hole # 17       Landon Firmstone   14”                   

Longest Drive # 18 (Ladies) Alyssa Corcoran     

Longest Drive #9      Dan Corcoran      




5th Flight: Terry Snyder, Jim Fleming, Kevin Ahrnet, Doug Petrozzi-69*

4th Flight: Steve Lambert, Soundra Morgan, Ray Morgan, Pam Lambert-68

3rd Flight: Bill Evans, Jill Fleming, Bill VanGlick, Brad Kelly-65

2nd Flight: Jim Clift, Paul Edwards, Rich Weinberger-62*

1st Flight: Jim Gardas, Maureen Beilman, Gardas Guest, Gardas Guest-60

Closest to the Pin Hole # 4 (Ladies) Faith Decker 66’

Closest to the Pin Hole # 8 Jim Gardas 10’8”

Closest to the Pin Hole # 17 Domenic Panza 8’10”

Longest Drive # 18 (Ladies) Faith Decker

Longest Drive #9 Bill Evans


The 2021 Bk Invitational will be held October 3rd & 4th, 2021