Due to the strong bond that exists between Woodloch guests and staff, there are certain “things” that happen throughout the year that exemplify this unique relationship.

Traditionally over the years, after pool games on Thursday mornings on the third week of August, several guests team up to throw Joey Ranner (lead social staff member) into the pool.  Seven years ago this tradition transformed into a new meaningful, annual occurrence.   Spearheaded by several long time WL guests including the Spina and Rutigliano Families, the participants of pool games (350+) join hands around the outdoor pool and jump on unison signifying a joint effort to fight cancer.  Included in the jump are the owners of WL, the Kiesendahl Family who remain fully dressed in their full work attire!

Woodloch guests donate during the event and at the front desk to the Kiesendahl’s established foundation, www.bkhopecures.org, which funds cancer research and patient care.  The foundation has given back over $1.5 million over the years by hosting several grassroots efforts along with generous support of friends and guests.

This year, due to the logistics of how pool games took place this year, the WL Guests had to find an alternate way to continue their kind act.  They remained determined & found a way to make their contribution.  Bobby Spina donated a 9litre bottle of wine to raffle for the cause!  The end result was a total of $2155.00 being donated to Hope Cures!!

Bob Kiesendahl, Cancer survivor & co-founder of Hope Cures (along with his mother Joan) stated, “what an amazing display of spirit, unity and generosity!  I continue to be humbled by this group and all who rally behind us in the fight against cancer – Thank You!”

The bond and generosity that is shared between WL Guests and the staff is truly unique and is one is the key ingredients to WL’s success over the past 63 years.